Q: Your first play with Versailles was at an event where You-kun couldn’t perform because of his bad shape, wasn’t it?

A: Yes. I’d known him for a long time, and had kept in touch with him even after coming to Tokyo. To be honest I had mixed feeling but I had accepted the offer because I didn’t have to play on the stage. I just wanted to play his part and support them. But when I was asked to play on the stage after supporting a few times, I was quite confused. I was afraid that if I played at his place, no one would like me. But finally I thought that I should play there for him. I also thought that if it made Versailles went smoothly, he would be glad, and only I could play there. Actually I received a mail from him two days before he passed away, “Thank you for playing the bass (instead of me). I can entrust my job to you.” Since I remembered the mail, I decided to do my best for him. When I heard of his death, I was crying all day without turning on the light.